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Private sessionS



I place heavy emphasis on endurance and stamina, and using your mind to push your body past where it wants to go. Nobody in my classes stops at the last ten seconds, or quits for the last push up or we start over. Boxing is about outlasting your opponent, and I use that mindset in everything I do. I also do every exercise with my classes and students, right alongside them.

Group Sessions

I teach both cardio and instructional boxing and kickboxing, both on individual and class levels daily shared with other clients. Workouts range between 60 & 75 minutes.

Sessions include a cardio warmup, followed by body conditioning, boxing (or kickboxing) training/instruction, ab work and then stretch/cool down. We use resistance bands, medicine balls, jump

Ropes, weights, kettle bells, and various boxing/kickboxing conditioning drills and mix it up so each workout is a bit different, and always fun. 

Monday thru Friday: 6am-9am

Tuesday thru Thursday: 5pm-8pm

Saturday: 8am-1pm

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Private Sessions

I teach both cardio and instructional boxing and kickboxing. I will tailor the session base on your needs and goals. Workouts range between 60 & 75 minutes.

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